Israel Chemphe - Conqueror

Sensational Israel Chemphe, a Ghanaian gospel artist, has released the official music video for his faith-inspiring song “Conqueror.”

The beautiful Afrobeat song inspires faith in a listener, reiterating the fact that Christ who is the conqueror overall things lives in us, making us overcomers in all things as well.

The song brings hope, shifting attention to the fact that, despite what we go through on daily basis, we are still conquerors. The danceable and head-nodding groove creates the mood a body movement. Also, the perfect vocal diversity from the gospel star makes the song come alive.

Chemphe, the one time Pan-African R&B artiste who has received the call to lead many to Christ is very dynamic in his music delivery and he is behind great songs such as “Medo Yesu“, “Wo Ko (Your Battle)“, “Freedom (The Blood, Grace & Spirit)“.

Chemphe is relentless in the faith, calling as well as the music ministry in the quest to reach out to the lost through a variety of different sub-genres of the gospel music.

Gospel songs are one of the tools that lead us directly to God. God Almighty loves His Children and often praise Him.

The video of “Conqueror” is a smashing beauty and well-coordinated one.

Watch video below:

Israel Chemphe – Conqueror

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