Amanda Cook - While We Wait

Amanda Cook, an internationally recognized Christian Gospel Worship leader and songwriter, has released a new tune titled “While We Wait.”

In her words, Amanda says “State Of The Union” is written from an animated, re-imagined place of trust and love, within my faith tradition as a follower of Jesus,”

“This body of work explores the relationships we carry around in our hearts – with God, with the world, each other, our own selves. It’s an exploration of Love, the kind that keeps loving unto and past death. The kind that stays.” – she concludes.

The song comes from her forthcoming LP, “State Of The Union,” and is co-written by Jason Ingram and Chris Davenport.

It is the third installment following her two solo albums, “Brave New World,” and “House On A Hill,” and her first worship album release with Provident Entertainment.

Gospel songs are one of the tools that lead us directly to God. God Almighty loves His Children often praise Him.

This upcoming LP will release on May 20th on Provident Entertainment.

Listen, Download, Share & Amanda Cook – While We Wait below:

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Lyrics: Amanda Cook – While We Wait


There’s a Name that levels mountains
Carves out highways through the sea
I’ve seen its power unravel battles
Right in front of me

There’s a faith that stands defiant
Sends Goliath to his knees
I’ve seen as praise unravelled shackles
Right off my feet


That’s the power of Your Name
Just a mention makes a way
Giants fall and strongholds break
And there is healing

That’s the power that I claim
It’s the same that rolled the grave
There’s no power like the
Mighty Name of Jesus


There’s a hope that calls out courage
In the furnace unafraid
The kind of daring expectation

That every prayer I make
Is on an empty grave


I see You taking ground
I see You press ahead
Your power is dangerous to
The enemy’s camp

You still do miracles
You will do what You said
For You’re the same God now as
You’ve always been

Your Spirit breaking out
Your kingdom moving in
Your victory claims the ground that
The enemy had

You still do miracles
You will do what You said
For You’re the same God now as
You’ve always been

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