We Are Supernatural

Da Praize, an inspiring gospel music artist, launches this year out with a brand new song and indeed a unique sound. The song We Are Supernatural is a song to inspire you to greater heights this year.

“This is a song that was inspired by Our dear Man of God, Rev Chris Oyakilome on the 31st night when he declared that this is our year of the Supernatural. The message inspired me into recording this song titled We Are Supernatural.

With no shadow of doubt in my spirit, I know this song will bless and inspire you.“ – Da Praize


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Lyrics: We Are Supernatural By Da Praize

Oh oh oh oh
Ten years in one year
The Spirit of God has told me so
Little work and great result
Spirit of God has made it so
Put one and get ten
Supernatural multiplication
With Angelic activities
Aww, this year is your game changer

We are Supernatural, we are supernatural
We are Super, super, super, super supernatural (2X)
When you lay on little things they turned out to be massive – Supernatural
You’ll find many treasures where you didn’t keep them – Supernatural
Win one soul today; tomorrow he wins ten – Supernatural
Everything is possible it’s ten years in one year – Supernatural.

Everyday is a fun
The Lord our God has made it so
With seven loads of blessings
Word of God has taught us so
Supply, Strength, Ability , Insight, Wisdom,
Knowledge and Health
Just like Martin PK
You can call me superman.

When you put one effort – You get ten results (3x)
When you put one thousand – It’s supernatural
Oh oh oh oh Put your hands in the air, if you believe God is here
Common Everybody celebrate – Hay !!!
It’s time to jubilate – Hay!!!
It’s time to accelerate – Hay!!!
Super, Supernatural.


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