Nigerian Gospel Music Minister and Gospel Music Africa Audition Judge 2018, Ernieola releases a brand new single titled: Atayero (Sovereign God)

Ernieola is a Praise Warrior, Worship Leader, A musicologist, Vocal coach, Event/Project Manger/PR personnel & also a fashion consultant… Founder of the annual kingdom trending event “Word Worship Warfare” (WWW).

The Female Afro Fusion artiste & Minister is all about spreading Joy and bond amongest believers, creative professionals and also in God’s kingdom.

Sometime years back. My biological father (My greatest song writer after YHWH Elohim)

Calls me up (As always) and sings a song that the Lord gave to him years ago. I recorded it instantly, wrote out the lyrics but forgot about it.

A year after myself & my team had a major event and I was to arrange the music for this particular event. Lo and behold (smiles) this song my dad sung years ago played in my head, but it was different, this time it came as a sound/A chant in my spirit. So I decided to reform the song and we (myself & my team) ministered the song at this event and it was powerful, we kept ministering it where ever we went at that time “2017” precisely.

Fast forward a year after “WE” (myself & my team) ministered the song at “76 Hours Messiah Marathon Praise” (A birthday praise party for the General Overseer worldwide of the Redeem Christian Church Of God, In person of “Pastor E.A Adeboye”) and it was powerful and amazing that people sang along and also started singing it at their various worship centres, teaching their choirs, families e.t.c.

Then the Lord gave me a mandate to release a sound or sounds (spiritual songs/psalms&hymns/good music) monthly and HE specifically picked this particular sound to lead us to the rest… “GLORYYYY”!!!

Atayero is a deep Yoruba term for describing the Sovereignty of God.

This song is a “CHANT” (a sound) to celebrate & appreciate God’s awesomeness, mightiness, beauty, holiness and heart felt expressed attributes of God conveyed through HIS vessel, daughter & friend “ERNIEOLA” Olusoga.

The message of this song is to explain the Sovereignty & Awesomeness of God, as studied in scriptures like Psalms:- 24, 104, 145, Matt 19:26, Eph. 3:20, 1Tim1:7, 6:15, HEB.1:8, 8:1, Rev. 21:6&7 and so many scriptures.

The song “ATAYERO” simply means
The Sovereign King is here
The King of all kings
Let us bow in worship to Him
The King of all kings..


Listen, Enjoy and Share!

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