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Lisa – Light Of The World [Audio Mp3 Download + Lyrics]

Light Of The World

Introducing something fresh and unique into the scene, gifted gospel artist LISA makes her debut this 2018 with a brand new single Light Of The World.

“Light of the World is a song that is inspired by the Holy Ghost for the body of Christ, to stir up the passion for soul winning. As light bearers, we must shine our light, because Christ is not a secret to be kept.”

LISA ORISHANE is from Delta state, was born and raised in Lagos, She discovered her love for music at a young age through her dad who was passionate about music. Her love for music took her into her school choir, then church choir . She also she joined a girl group as a teenager where she started writing songs and ministering in churches with her group.. she’s a worshiper a song writer, Her commitment to the work of God has inspired so many spirit lifting songs that has blessed the church and now she aims for the world.


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Verse 1
This great light of mine, am gon’ let it shine
God commanded light and darkness disappeared
I am born of God, offspring of the word
And God’s word is light, the light in me
Reaching out to all shine your light
Touching every heart shine your light

Am the light of the world
Am gon’ light up my world
Am the light of the world shine 2x

The light, the light, the light
Light of the world…2x

Verse 2
Jesus is the way, his truth and life
He reconciled all to God
His given to us the mandate to spread
Go telling every man young and old
If I don’t preach the word, then tell me who will
Darkness is not the opposite but the absence of light
God gave me his word said go tell it to every man
So am gon’ tell them, so am gon’ tell them
Repeat Chorus

Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
Am gon’ light my world
Am gon’ tell it everywhere, for every man to see

If we don’t preach the word, then tell me who will
So go tell them, so go tell them




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