Your Name Is

Your Name Is is a Holy Spirit inspired song which takes us to the depths of worship, invoking the very presence of God’s Spirit. It is an attestation of love, worship and devotion to the Spirit of Jesus.

Mitchelle Obatu is a songwriter and singer known for her anointed voice that elevates the heavenly forces through praise and worship.

She describes herself as a simple woman who desires that people experience God through her deeply inspiring songs.

She says, 

“I BELIEVE God has put a song in all of us, so you don’t need to be a professional to sing those songs. Praise God the way you can. As long as it comes from your heart and your spirit, you are good.”

She also a writer, a Christian blogger, a family woman and a volunteer youth minister. For her, her greatest achievement is to be a symbol of God’s love, a model, an example, a reference.

Proclaiming God’s names when we pray is an awesome and powerful way to worship Him. It swoons His heart and fills us such pure joy as we visualize with the eyes of our spirit the God we serve.
That was the inspiration behind this song. To just sing His names to Him while we worship.

This song will propel men, women, children, young and old into a heartfelt worship which is the kind of worship God seeks in the first place John 4:24.

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