Mr. M & Revelation – Song Of Answers (Spirits Must Obey)

Mr. M & Revelation rounded the year with an amazing, powerful song titled ‘Song of Answers’ (Spirits Must Obey).

There is an authority given to man to enforce the will of God and to chase out demons. Mark 1.27.

Song Of Answers (Spirits Must Obey) is beyond a song but a weapon, a mantle for believers. Through singing and declaring into existence that which God has proposed and depopulating the agenda of the devil.

Known for releasing highly spiritual sounds the group has in the last year churned out songs like Oji Oku Eri Ajah, Praise Quake, Praise The Lord, I Win, Eze Mmuo which is the latest of all. Speak into existence what you want to see as you step into the new year 2022.

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Lyrics: Mr. M & Revelation – Song Of Answers (Spirits Must Obey)

I am unstoppable
i know who i am
I know whose i am, i come in the name of the lord

Anam eje na ime mmuo
(i travel in the spirit)
Na ime mmuo
(in the spirit)

Every spirit must obey in the name of Jesus
Every spirit must obey in the name of Jesus
Every spirit must obey in the name of Jesus
Every dry bone must arise
Every dead thing must arise in the name of Jesus
Arise ohhin the name of Jesus
Chukwu buwere m agha zoro ezo
(lord fight my unseen battles)
Meghere m uzo siri ike
(open strong gates for me)

I travel in the spirit

Every spirit must obey
In the name of jesus
Lord fight my unseen battles
Open strong gates for me

Fight my unseen battles, open every door for me
(lord fight my unseen battles)
Break every chain for me
(open every strong gate for me )
In my family
(lord fight my unseen battles)
In my carrier and in my ministry
(open strong doors for me)
When they gather for my sake
( open strong gates for me)
Let them gather only for my good
(lord fight my unseen battles)
The son of god ,the mighty one in battle
(lord fight my unseen battles)
He who destroyed the destroyer ,the mighty warrior
(open strong gates for me)
The one whose thought strengthens my heart , my protector
(lord fight my unseen battles)
Mighty one
(open strong gates for me)

Every spirit must align
Every spirit must submit
Every spirit has obeyed in the name of jesus
Every spirit has aligned
Every spirit has submitted
Whatever my father has not planted is uprooted

I travel in the spirit

I’m unmovable in the spirit

Because i’m a child of the lion
I’m a child of the lion of the tribe of Judah
I walk in authority
I take over territories

I’m a child of the wind
The wind births wind

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