New Artiste, Seyi Afeni releases debut gospel single titled ”Loworo” which means With Ease in Yoruba dialect.

When life presses and things feel stressed, when problems overwhelm, and hardships come our way, our focus gets blurred. We somehow start to believe that it all depends on “us.” Like maybe we blew it, messed up and got ourselves off the course from “the road to “success.” We spin our wheels trying to find a fast way out of difficulty.

”…after trying to do things your way severally with no success story, you decide to do God’s will and everything starts to work out with ease (Loworo)”.


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Lyrics: Loworo [With Ease] By Seyi Afeni

Ase lo wo ro, ase lowo ro,
Ase lo wo ro, Jesu ase
Ole pe lo wo, Ole pe lo wo,
Ase lo wo ro, Jesu ase.

Verse 1:
Lord I am grateful for the things you have done,
I know I have not been faithful, Lord, but you still remain the same
Cos, I know I love automatic but manual has been better, give me another chance.
You can do all things Lord I know that yes you can
Lord I know severally I have missed the line but you still remain there for me
I give you the glory, I give you the praise
Glory, honour, praise, adoration be unto you Lord (x2)

Verse 2:
Just in case you missed the master plan, come to the one who has got it right
Just in case you missed alright, come to the one who makes things bright
He can do all things, tell him all things, all those things you think you can (x2)
Sometimes you are engrossed in your plan
Sometimes you feel that’s the best plan
Sometimes you looking for the plan
Sometimes you have missed the plan
Glory, honour, praise adoration be unto you lord (x2)

Cos I have been rolling, on my own ko rosy,
Until I met Him, omo ko easy
Lord I have been rolling, on my own ko rosy
Until I met Him, omo oti easy


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