Snatcha releases new single titled Shame featuring Ayoola.

In one year, Snatcha experienced what he described as the darkest period in his life. The sudden loss of his Dad, failed business, to top it all a serious medical situation that rocked his world. This was enough to send him spiraling into deep depression. However he quickly realized that he had engaged in a battle on another level.

Kobayashi Maru: from Star Trek (Nerd alert) is a leadership training designed to build character by giving the opposition a no win situation. Snatcha likens this to the believer’s test.  His strength came from James 1:2 and this birthed

SHAME : A Kobayashi Maru. A track for every person, who chooses to defy the opposition and dance despite the storm.

In a surprise collaboration with Ayoola  (SKINNY GIRL IN TRANSIT) produced by the talented DjKlem and mixed by 1717 mixing.

Shame is a melodic defiant yet familiar up tempo highlight that will make you leap to your feet while the opposition would father them in chains.


Listen, Enjoy and Share!

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