All My Heart

Gospel music minister Yomi Fajemirokun, simply known as Yomi debuts with the single “All My Heart.”

The worship song carries a tone of reckless abandonment, as Yomi presents of herself as a living sacrifice, according to the word of God in the book of Romans.

“All my Heart” also depicts the songwriter’s love for the One who loved first with an unfathomable passion.

Born and raised in Lagos, Yomi Fajemirokun gave her life to Christ at the age of 12. She serves as a member of the choir at Salvation Ministries Lekki, Lagos, where she also worships.

Aside from being a gifted singer and songwriter, Yomi is also a trained caterer, Journalist with excellent communication skills.

Speaking about the debut single “All My Heart,” Yomi said:

“It is my sincerest prayer that this song, ‘All My Heart’, ministers to, and blesses you in ways only the Holy Spirit can both enable and orchestrate… In Jesus name. Amen.”

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Lyrics: All My Heart By Yomi

Intro: Let’s Just Lift Up Our Hands And Our Hearts, And Praise The Lord.

Verse 1:
Lord I Give All My Heart To You
And I Lift Up My Soul To You
And I,
Worship Your Majesty,
So I Declare You ‘re My King

For You Alone Are My God,
And I,
Bow Down And Worship You,
Oh, Lord.
Forever I’ll Praise Your Holy Name,
You’re Always The Same

Verse 2:
I Give All My Heart To You,
And I,
Lift Up My Thoughts To You,
And I,
Worship Your Royalty,
And I,
Declare You ‘Re My King.
(Soloist Adlib Softly With Back-Up/ Choristers).


(Soloist Adlib Softly Over Choristers/BackUp)

(1st Modulation) :

Verse 3:
Forever Worshipping You My Saviour,
Is All (That) I’ll Ever Want And More

(Soloist Softly Adlib With For Choristers/ Back-Up)

Soloist (Alone) :
Adoring And Honoring You Lord,
Is What I Live For…

(2nd Modulation):

For You Alone Are My God,
And I,
Bow Down ( And) Worship You,
Forever I’ll Praise Your Holy Name,
You’re Always The Same

(Soloist Stronger Adlib Over Choristers/: Back-Up )


Back-Up/ Choristers:

Its You Alone I Give All Of My Heart

Soloist: All Of My Heart, My Soul, My Body, My Spirit
(Always The Same)
Cos You Are Worthy Lord (Always The Same) To Receive All The Praise,
(Always The Same)

King Of Kings, Lord Of Lords, (Always The Same) Ancient Of Days, Ever Reliable (Always The Same)

Yeah Yeah. ..

I Can Trust You,
I Will Trust You,
(Always The Same)
I Trust You
(Always The Same)

So I Give You My Heart…
(Always The Same)

(Always The Same)

(Always The Same)

My Lord…

(Always The Same)


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