The UK Band - No Other Place

The UK Band, a gospel group, released the well-known worship single No Other Place as a special piece of music for the holiday season. The group is a talented singing ensemble from the Christ Embassy branch in the United Kingdom. One of the most requested songs and one of Christ Embassy church’s most well-known worship songs is their unique song, “No Other Place”.

This song, “No Other Place” was made available for free download by The UK Band this year. You can now download it for free, use it personally, and worship with it every day.

Gospel songs are one of the tools that lead us directly to God. God Almighty loves His Children when they often praise Him.

Listen, Download, Share & Enjoy The UK Band – No Other Place below:

Lyrics: The UK Band – No Other Place:

Lord I honor You

With Everything I am

You are God Alone

There is none like you

Lord I give you Praise

Lifting up my hands

You deserve it all

All I am and more


Seasons may come and go

Trials come my way

But I, keep my eyes on you

Dust storms may be raging on

But I’m so secure

Oh Lord,

My mind is stayed on you


For There’s no other place, I’d rather be

There’s no other place, I’d rather be

There’s no other place, I’d rather be

Than where I am right now

Lifting up my hands

Lord I worship you


Lord I give you thanks

In every circumstance

There’s no other way

My heart is set on you

You are everything

All I’ll ever need

You deserve it all

All I am and more




I Worship You

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